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Case Study: Creating Change through Innovative Learning Modules

The Client:
A large Caribbean-based bank.

The Client Goal:
To ensure that every employee understood and was able to deliver the newly defined customer experience every day, and in every interaction.

The Process:
The company selected McDaniel Partners to:

  • Ensure that each employee understood the newly defined customer experience and what was expected of each of them.
  • Segment the employee base to ensure that each employee received relevant and meaningful information.
  • Develop targeted learning modules that reinforced the key messages.
    Examples of materials created to cement the change included:
    • Employee workbooks.
    • Leader Briefs.
    • Helpful Hint Cards (which reinforced key messages).
    • Motivational quotes and learning exercises.
    • Flash and video based learning modules.
  • Create a measurement and tracking system to ensure that the learning was effective.
  • Develop a sustainment plan to ensure that this did not become just “another initiative”.

The Result:
The client implemented a fifteen minute huddle three times a week, which has become part of their daily routine.

The employees are successfully meeting the 100% target on the mechanisms created to test the learning.

The organization has seen a dramatic positive change in the way that it deals internally with each other and with its external customers.

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