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Employee Experience Management

It's our mantra, one which many companies need to adopt: 'To deliver the desired customer experience, companies must develop, nurture and engage their employees.'

At McDaniel Partners, we understand the importance of engaging employees. It's the first step to engaging customers.

So how does a company become nurturing and fully engaging internally?

The short answer is through understanding and building. You make sincere efforts to understand your employees, their struggles, their frustrations and their needs. Then, you build an environment that every employee will be proud to call their own.

The employee experience is a set of beliefs that your employees have about your company - and make no mistake, it's those beliefs that make employees show up in the morning.


We have developed a program to help companies create engaged and committed employees.

What are the components of the program?

Examine the current experience. What does your current experience look like? What makes your company different, interesting or valuable? What behaviors are most characteristic of your company? Where are the employee "moments of truth" where the company is at its best? Worst? We will help you to understand what your current employee experience looks like.

Assess current levels of employee engagement. What percentage of your employees are engaged? Does it vary by region? By team? Which teams are fully engaged? We will identify how many of your employees are fully engaged and which are just simply 'showing up'.

Understand the drivers of employee engagement. What are your employees looking for in terms of psychological, emotional as well as economic benefits? What creates meaning for your employees? We help you to better understand what your employees really want from management and your company.

Define the future employee experience. What are the components of the experience? What differentiates the experience from other companies? We will help you to define something that engages your employees. That creates pride and enthusiasm about working with you. Something that everyone will be proud to call their own.

Build programs that build an emotional connection. Creating engaged and committed employees starts with winning the hearts of your employees. To get there, employees need to move through three primary stages, from merely being aware of the employee experience and what it stands for ("Hearing It"), to understanding their role in delivering against the brand promise ("Believing It"), to finally becoming passionate advocates for the company ("Living It").

Build a program to help your Managers increase employee engagement. Do your Managers know how to engage their employees? Do they have the tools and coaching to create employees who are proud to say they belong at your company? We will ensure that your Managers have both the tools and the skills to build engaged and committed employees.

Continually measure the impact. Are the levels of employee engagement increasing? What are the key areas for improvement? We will help you identify how to continually increase levels of engagement.


Do you know what to do?

Are you prepared?

This is where McDaniel Partners can help.

Together, we will create an employee experience that creates engaged, proud and committed employees.


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