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World-Class Experience Tour

McDaniel Partners unique product offering is based on years of experience and expertise across many industries. When you enlist us, we unleash this knowledge and power on your exclusive behalf. We have developed a "Behind the Scenes" look at what the most exceptional companies in a variety of industries are doing to create a brilliant experience for both their employees and their customers. It provides you with Case Studies on the world's best companies, a visit to their locations and a tailored look at how you and your industry can learn from and leverage from what the best are doing.

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Case Study: Developing a World-Class Experience Tour.

“I am an avid lover of people, so I hold dear to my heart anything that is vaguely aligned to creating delightful people experiences. You can therefore only imagine how very pleased I was to be a part of a team embarking on a benchmarking tour that would expose me to a firsthand feel of what great customer experiences are. Nothing I had done before could have prepared me for what unfolded. Having the opportunity to learn from the best and actually experiencing the “look and feel” was nothing short of phenomenal.”

Dawne E Williams Director Business Transformation FirstCaribbean International Bank


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