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Ready to implement a new program? Want to sustain an existing one? Need to train staff on a new process?

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Case Study - Creating Change Through Innovative Learning Modules



We've developed five principles that ensure your employees understand and remember what you are trying to deliver.

1 - Highly personalized. One-size never fits all. You deserve personalized learning materials for your company and employees. By taking the time to get to know you and your culture we create messages that resonate with your staff and management team.

2 - Entertaining. Content that is entertaining and energetic is proven to be more memorable. So we tell stories; we make the content real by creating powerful emotional connections between your company and your customers.

3 - Embraces emotion. To make it meaningful for individuals you have to appeal to their emotions. "Emotion and reason are intertwined, but when they are in conflict, emotion wins every time."

4 - Explain the rationale. How many times have you just been told to do something? Too many. We believe in taking the time to explain both the "what and the why". This builds loyalty and trust and lays the foundation for powerful learning experiences.

5 - Measure, Measure, Measure. The learning must be measurable. It must also be carefully monitored on an ongoing basis and continually refined.

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