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Our Experience Philosophy

At McDaniel Partners, we have been helping companies create and implement differentiated customer experiences since 1998. We do this by following core set of principles and a proprietary Experience Enhancement Framework™ ensures that our clients deliver their desired experience at every touch point and in every employee-customer encounter.

1. A differentiated customer experience is a source of long-term competitive advantage. Improving the customer experience has become a central strategic issue as companies are realizing that it offers the ability to distinguish themselves in an increasingly commoditized industry.

2. Satisfying customers is not enough. In today’s competitive marketplace satisfying customers is the cost of entry – it will not move the company from good to great.

3. Emotions frame the experience. Customer’s are not strictly rationale in their judgments or behavior. A company’s most profitable customer has strong emotional bonds with the company. The strength of the emotional connection is what determines whether a customers’ recommendation is lukewarm or glowing.

4. The experience must be genuine. Creating authentic experiences starts with creating a genuine human interaction. Companies must help employees understand the desired outcomes, the standards and the behaviors that will help them successfully deliver the experience.

5. No employee-customer encounter is neutral. Every time an employee interacts with a customer, that person holds your brand in his or her hands. If your representative ever says, “That’s not my department,” keeps a customer waiting while chatting with a colleague or simply has a bad day, your brand loses some of its appeal.

6. The experience must be managed locally. Variance hurts your business. While most companies strive to create a consistent experience across all locations and touch points very few actually do. There is a great deal of variability within every company. To reduce this variability, companies must manage the customer experience locally – the experience must grow one workgroup at a time.

7. It starts with Leaders. Delivering the experience requires authentic Leaders who can articulate, role model and coach employees to passionately deliver the experience every day, in every interaction.

8. High levels of employee engagement is critical. Productive and committed employees generate stronger connections with their customers which lead to higher levels of retention, profitability and growth.

9. It’s all about execution. Delivering a great customer experience consistently across a broad distribution network is all about execution. That consistency is very hard to achieve, but it is necessary. Customers expect the same high-level experience from one touch point or employee encounter to another.

10. Measure, measure, measure. Companies need to constantly measure adherence to the stated experience and identify initiatives to address gaps in execution.

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