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Process Reengineering

We are experts in process reengineering.

We can transform your processes into highly-efficient, cost-effective models. We carefully analyze the process from inception to outcome, partnering with you to design a customized process solution. Then, we test and perfect the solution.

We get results.

We follow our 10 guiding principles developed to ensure meaningful performance improvements.

  1. Identify the Process.

  2. Focus on the Customer. The key to success is understanding what drives the customer.

  3. Align with Strategic Priorities. All enhancement and redesign efforts must be consistent with the right strategic priorities.

  4. Measure the Problem. Prove all hypotheses regarding process improvement opportunities with data.

  5. Verify Root Causes. Support all root cause hypotheses with data and analysis. Team consensus is never enough.

  6. Break Old Habits. Focus on creative, new solutions and ideas to drive real change and actual results.

  7. Manage Risks. Testing and perfecting solutions through piloting.

  8. Engage Frontline Management and Employees. Involvement of frontline staff is a must. Ownership of a reengineering effort is the key to success and sustainability.

  9. Measure Results. Results must be measurable and supported by data.

  10. Sustain Change. New approaches to managing processes must be nurtured and cultivated through ongoing training, communication and investments in support mechanisms.

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"McDaniel Partners has supported my team with the deployment of changes related to the migration of branch activities, the processing centre, credit servicing and fulfillment for small business and client authentication processes related to deposit accounts. The McDaniel team was extremely solution oriented and worked very well with our internal team."

Marcel Castillo
Director, CIBC



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