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Implementing for Results

One of our key strengths is implementing ANY strategy in a timely, competitive fashion.

If you sense a quick win or need to react to an initiative immediately - think strategically. Think McDaniel Partners.

Our Philosophy
It's a belief that's increasingly gaining acceptance: employees are the most important and over-looked link in any company's profit chain.

We help companies focus on the profit-building strategies that will keep their customers coming back. Starting at the employee level and moving up.

McDaniel Partners' experience and offering is totally unique. Based on decades of solid experience, we successfully launch companies to the next level by adapting the latest thinking and techniques from across many industries.

"Experienced, thorough and passionate are three words that I would use to describe the people at McDaniel Partners. As the Implementation Manager for a large scale branch conversion, I had the privilege of working with the McDaniel team. They were fundamental in the creation and implementation of procedures, tools and templates for the very successful conversion. I can confidently say that this accomplishment would not have been possible without the unfailing contribution of McDaniel Partners."

Nicola Browne
Senior Consultant
Large Canadian FI

Whether the strategy or program to be implemented is yours or one we've identified together, we can help implement it seamlessly. Our extensive expertise lets us take full accountability for ensuring:

  1. The benefits are realized.
  2. the program is delivered on time and within budget.

Naturally, we understand the importance of meeting the expectations of the project sponsors. So we provide constant monitoring and feedback on the status of the project. This also lets us resolve issues as they arise.

In order to protect your budget, we develop estimates and assumptions for every project using proven models, best practices and by leveraging our financial background.

We ensure that proven resources and the proper focus are placed on delivering results.

"My experience with McDaniel Partners consultants has been extremely positive. They are very committed and thorough. One of their best attributes has been their flexibility: they were able to grasp the dynamics of a fairly complex business processes in a very short time, adding value to a variety of work streams. They came in at a time when our company was in the midst of a multitude of changes and faced tremendous external and internal pressures. The McDaniel team assumed responsibility for a very diverse portfolio of activities and delivered each and every one of them. We were delighted with the results. It is a pleasure to work with people with a contagious “can do” approach and so focused on ensuring closure."

Lisa Luinenburg
Managing Director
Mortgage Centre Canada



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