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Sustaining the Change

Sustaining the Change

Once strategy is in place, the work has just begun.

To ensure a lasting internal change and prove to everyone that your new initiative, program or strategy is not just another management fad, you must sustain it.

How can you prevent your efforts from running out of steam?

We'll help you with Sustain-it, our unique 10-step approach to helping companies sustain the change. Permanently.

  1. Make it Personal. Companies have long understood the need for customer marketing programs. Yet, when it comes to their employees they often send out generic messages, bland training packages and undifferentiated information kits. The Sustain-it approach was developed with the individual employee in mind. Each employee audience is assessed, analyzed and segmented. Once the segmentation is defined, information is carefully developed and targeted to ensure that employees become engaged and committed.

  2. Grab Attention. Competing for your employee's attention is getter harder. You have seconds to impress and connect. If it is not stimulating and relevant, the information won't be internalized. The Sustain-it approach understands that most people are overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive and ensures that companies cut through the clutter.

  3. Embrace Emotion. We agree with David Calne "the essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions." The Sustain-it approach understands that winning in the emotional economy starts with winning the hearts of employees. This requires a framework that builds an environment where employees feel profoundly connected to their workplace.

  4. Bring it to Life. According to one time-management expert: "We retain 10% of what we read. We retain 20% of what we hear. We retain 35% of what we see. We retain 50% of what we hear and see. We retain 70% of what we say. We retain 90% of what we do." The Sustain-it philosophy incorporates a unique mix of sophisticated learning with interactive components to bring the program to life.

  5. Make it Easy. The increasing trend toward launching new initiatives through a combination of video, brochures, newsletters has not increased the chances of long-term success. If it is hard to use, it will die. The Sustain-it approach is centered on this fundamental belief.

  6. Generate Respect. Like nothing else we know of, Sustain-it understands the importance of being up-front and open. The approach respects the skills-sets and time-constraints of all stakeholders impacted by the effort.

  7. Promote the Passion. Creating passion should be a strategic goal built into any plan. Employees will detect a lack of commitment and passion. If you are not passionate, they won't be. Sustain-it takes into account the importance of delivering passion by ensuring that the Leaders effectively communicate the benefits of the change, model the change, and are able to coach to excellence.

  8. Keep it Fresh. In order for any program to be sustained it has to evolve over time and incorporate new information and messages. Sustain-it recognizes the need to re-visit, reinforce, re-think, and re-invest time in programs that are critical to a company's long-term success.

  9. Reinforce the Messages. For programs and initiatives to have the impact and meaning intended, the message needs to be communicated often and in many forms. Among other techniques, this is done by consistent branding of the program as an important aid to memory and recall.

  10. Measure and Refresh. Sustain-it ensures that your program is continually measured and monitored. Gaps are identified and the program is refreshed to ensure that your corporate assets, investments and knowledge are protected into the future.

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For companies wanting to sustain change into the long-term, Sustain-it is available to deliver, implement and ensure results. Time to turn around failing programs? Sustain-it can ensure the shine never comes off an idea that started out brilliantly. For progressive companies, it is a method and a means to guarantee the long-term effectiveness and power of their internal programs and communications plans.

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